Tommy Angelo Waits for Straighters – Thinking Poker

Tommy Angelo discusses the concept of Waiting for Straighters as well as his collaboration with Lee Jones and his thoughts on collaboration more generally.

Tommy previously appeared on Episode 2, Episode 29, and Episode 192, Episode 211, and Episode 220.

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0:30 – Strategy
30:21 – Tommy Angelo


$.50/1 NLHE, ten-handed, effective stacks $120 each.

I open from UTG+2 with two black fives for $4. LJ and BN call. Pot is $13.50.

Flop comes 35J, rainbow, giving me trips. I check, Lojack checks and the button bets $12. I call. Lojack calls as well. Pot is now $49.50.

Turn card is the ten of spades. I check again. It checks to the button who bets $24, just about half-pot. Pot is $120.50.

River comes a ten of hearts. I bet $50, leaving $50 behind.


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