The Main Event – Thinking Poker

Andrew and Nate discuss Andrew’s 125th place finish in the WSOP Main Event.


0:30 – hello and welcome

5:36 – bustout hand
71:32 – pocket fours


Hand 1

30K/60K HJ (9M) opens to 120K, Hero (5.5M) calls from BB.

Flop (330K) Kh Jh Td. Hero checks, HJ bets 105K, Hero calls.

Turn (540K) 4c. Hero checks, HJ bets 560K, Hero calls.

River (1.64M) 5d. Hero checks, HJ bets 2.03M, Hero calls.

Hand 2

8K/16K Hero (2M) opens to 32K with 44h UTG, CO (1.3M), BN (1M), and BB (600K) call.

Flop (152K) Qh 6s 3h. BB checks, Hero bets 55K, BN raises to 125K, Hero calls.

Turn (402K) Th. Both check.

River (402K) Js. Hero bets 300K.


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