Steven van Zadelhoff – Thinking Poker

Long-time poker pro Steven van Zadelhoff discusses the ups and downs of his career, how he copes with self-doubt, how he defines success, and his Viking mentality.


0:30 – Hello and Welcome
13:16 – Strategy
45:01 – Interview


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UTG limps, Hero (~500) raises UTG+1 with KQhh to $12, V UTG+2 (290) Calls 12,  UTG+1 (~300) calls 12.

(~36) Flop AKQ one heart
UTG Check, Hero Bet $20, V Call 20, UTG fold

(~74)Turn AKQ9 (not hearts)
Hero bet 35, V call 35.

(144) River AKQ99
Hero check, V bet 75, Hero call

เว็บ คาสิโน

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