Richard Herbert – Thinking Poker

Richard is a long-time poker player, dealer, floorperson, and tournament director in the Baltimore area. He started out playing Magic: The Gathering with some other poker players you’ve probably heard of. We geek out on dealer training and procedure but also get into some juicy stories about home games, robberies, and catching cheaters.


0:30 – Hello and Strategy
23:29 – Interview


Blinds: 150-300 (25).

Hero (~20k): I open for 650 in the lo-jack with KT off-suit. Cut-off (~10 k), a fishy player (had limped-folded a few times and some other funky stuff) flats. Villain (playing ~22k) is on the button and makes it 1900. Hero 4-bets to 4400; cut-off folds and Villain thinks for little bit and flats

Flop (pot= 9500):
237 rainbow; hero c-bets 3300. Villain thinks for a while and calls.

Turn(pot=16,000; SPR=1) = Jack; I check; villain checks back.

River = T; I check having made second pair, villain thinks for a while and bets 5100 (into pot of 16,000)

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