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Andrew’s working furiously to finish his book, so there’s no guest this week, just a quick strategy segment where he and Nate discuss whether to slowplay top set.


0:30 Hello
8:07 Strategy


$2/$5 at Turning Stone in upstate NY. We’re six-handed.

I have $950 and JJ UTG. Villain (UTG+1) has $450 and BB, who has shown trash cards after big pre-flop bets several times, has $700. I open to $10. Villain and BB each call.

Flop is rainbow 2/5/J with $32 in the pot. BB checks. I check. Villain bets $25 into $32 and BB folds. I call.

$82 in pot. Turn is a 6. The board now reads 2/5/J/6, all of different suits. I check. Villain bets $50. $132 in the pot. I check-raised to $110. He folded.

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