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Martin Harris, perhaps better known in the poker world as Short-Stacked Shamus, is the author of the forthcoming book Poker and Pop Culture (available for pre-order now!) as well as the Hard-Boiled Poker blog. He is a freelance writer, and an adjunct associate professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he teaches Poker in American Film and Culture. He previously appeared on Episode 4 and Episode 154.


0:30 Hello and strategy
26:52 Martin Harris


The Biggest Game in Town by Al Alvarez
Cowboys Full by James McManus
Big Deal by Anthony Holden
The Education of a Poker Player by Herbert Yardley


On the button I’m dealt AdKc. UTG, MP, and CO all limp, and I raise to $5. Everyone but BB calls.
Flop comes 7c8s3s and checks around to me. I bet $5, SB calls, and everyone else folds.
Turn is 5c. SB checks and I check back.
River comes 10s. SB checks. I bet $10, and he raises to $15. I take a second to think about it and re-raise to $30.

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