Episode 296: Top Pair, Multi-Way

Nate and Andrew discuss the new premium podcasts, Andrew’s forthcoming book, and a tricky hand where the Hero makes top pair, top kicker in a four-way pot.


0:30 hello & welcome
14:17 strategy


5/5 NLHE, $1500 effective

Hero raises $25 5 off the button with AdKc, villain calls 2 off the button, BTN and blinds call

Flop (120)  As6d5h. Check to us, we bet 70, villain calls as do both blinds. 

Turn (400) 2c. Check to us, we bet 150, only Villain calls.

River (700) Ks. We bet 250, villain raises to 850.

เว็บ คาสิโน

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