Brad Willis – Thinking Poker

This wide-ranging interview explores not only Brad Willis’s new project Murder Etc but also creativity, journalism, the podcasting medium, and what it means to know a place.


0:30 – Hello & welcome

3:11 – Strategy

35:40 – Brad Willis






0.10/$0.25 NLHE Cash, 6 Handed.

I am sitting in BB with 10s 8c with around $44 (176bb) behind.

It gets folded round to the Button ($30 (120bb) behind) who raises to $0.62. I call.

The flop comes: 10d, 10c, 9c, Button bets $0.92 which is about 2/3’s pot, I call.

The Turn is 4h. I check, Button bets around 1/2 pot ($1.53) and I call. Pot is around $6.

The River is Js. I check, Button bets just under 1/2 pot to $2.92.

เว็บ คาสิโน

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