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In this all-strategy episode, Nate and Andrew discuss the importance of drawing to the nuts in PLO8 and why pot odds can be deceptive. Then Andrew talks about how to make bluffing decisions based on blockers.

Strategy Hand #1

It is level 6 (60/120) of a PLO8 tournament, starting stacks are 5k. UTG, HJ and CU limp to hero in the BB with 7s5c3h2s. I check. (Pot: 540) Hero has 5,430 in chips, the main V is UTG with the effective stack of 3,995.

Flop: 2c8cJs

I check. UTG bets 120 into 540 the HJ calls, I call. (Pot: 900)

Turn: 4c

I check again. UTG bets 450, HJ folds, I call.

River: 6c

I check, V bets 900.

Strategy Hand #2

1/2/3 NL Holdem ($2/$3 blinds, $1 on the button). I’m effective $440 with the villain who is in EP. I’m in the BB.

Villain limps in EP, MP raises to $10, one caller, I call from the BB with KdJc, Villain calls

$40 pot after rake. Flop is 7s9d5h.

I check to the original raiser, and it checks through.

Turn is the Ts, board is 7s9d5hTs

I bet $30. Villain raises to $60, it folds back to me, I call.

$160 in the pot. River is the 5d, final board is 7s9d5hTs5d.

I check to the villain, who bets $75, for $235 in the pot in total. Villain has $305 more behind.


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