Range Construction – Thinking Poker

Andrew goes solo to answer listener questions with an emphasis on range construction.

Strategy #1

$.02/$.05 NLHE $5 effective

UTG opens $.15, SB calls, Hero calls 6h 4h from BB

Flop ($0.35) Qh Td 4c. Two checks, UTG bets $.13, SB folds, Hero calls.

Turn ($0.61) 4s. Hero bets $0.45, Villain calls.

River ($1.51) 6d. Hero bets $1.20, Villain raises to $3.20.

Strategy #2

1500/3000/3000, Hero is SB with 175K. Villain covers and opens to 7K UTG2, Hero calls Qh Jh, BB calls.

Flop (24K) 3h Th 5c. Checks to UTG2, she bets 10K, Hero raises to 33K, BB folds, UTG2 calls.

Turn (90K) 2h. Hero bets 42.5K, Villain calls.

River (175K) 7h. Hero checks, Villain shoves for a bit over 90K.


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