Eskandari Retakes Chip Lead Three Handed

The final three in the Monster Stack have been battling for a while now, and Massoud Eskandari just won a huge pot to get him back into the chip lead. Eskandari was heads up with Alexey Laptev on a flop of [8h][7s][5c], and Laptev checked to Eskandari, who bet 1 million. Laptev called, and the [9c] came on the turn to put four to a straight out there. Laptev checked, and this time, Eskandari fired out 3.5 million.

Laptev thought for about 90 seconds before calling, and after the [7d] completed the board, both players checked. Eskandari showed [6s][6h] for a straight, and Laptev announced “jacks” as he mucked his hand. Here is how the final three stack up, with the blinds at 80,000-160,000.

Massoud Eskandari – 14,200,000
Alexey Laptev – 9,200,000
Henry Mcardle – 4,500,000

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