Episode 306: Encore!

Nate and Andrew discuss Mambo Stud, some innovative policies at the new Encore Boston Harbor casino, and two interesting strategy hands.


0:30 Hello & Welcome/Encore/Mambo Stud
16:56 Strategy


Hand 1

1/2 NLHE. Hero has $750 8 handed. Main villain has $300.

Hero in BB with Kd5s, four limpers, checks.

$8 AsKh10s blinds check button bets $10, only Hero calls.

Turn $28 5h I decide to lead here for $30. Button calls.

 River $85 4h I bet $120. Villain shoved for remaining $270.

Hand 2

I was playing £1/£1, eight-handed, live at Dusk til Dawn in Nottingham. I’m
UTG with JhTh. We are £200 deep.

I open to £3. CO, Button and BB call.

The flop is KcQs2d. I bet £8 into £13. After two folds, BB raises to £24. I call.

The turn is Kh. He bets £35 into £61. I call.

The river is Tc. He bets £50 into £131. I have about £120 behind.

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