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Marketing Manager of the World Poker Tour Matt Clark joins us to discuss the past and future of marketing poker to the masses.

The book Matt recommended is Strokes of Genius. You can follow him on Twitter.

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0:30 Hello
3:45 Strategy
22:27 Matt Clark


$2/$5 NLHE 


I have a $2,500 stack and am UTG with AcKh so I raise to $25. The UTG+1 player, who plays very straight forward and is tight/aggressive, 3 bets to $85 with about $900 to start the hand. It folds around to me and I make the call. 

FLOP ($177) Ks 6c 7c

I check, and UTG+1 checks behind. 

TURN ($177) Ks 6c 7c 6s

I check again and this time UTG+1 bets $75. I check-raise to $175 and he makes the call.

RIVER ($527) Ks 6c 7c 6s 7d

I bet $150, and UTG+1 moves all-in for $480 more.


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