some winning hands and some losers.


would like to talk about various poker hands because i dont know what other subjects are safe to talk about. the other day, while playing at 52 social, i was dealt 33 and i like to take advantage of my tight image to bluff, which is why u need to have a tight image if u want to be successful at poker. but of course i also get bored to death not getting any hands to play, and is why id much rather play in an underground game with a rake than a time raked game. that way i only pay the fee once every 3 hours. 

i miss the flop and it comes K57 and we all checked. turn comes 5 and i tried a bet and one older regular called. river comes 7 and besides putting 2 pair on the board, also puts a possible flush out there. im playing the board of course since i had 33. i bet $170 a bit more than the total in the pot. (there was a straddle preflop with multiway action) and my $45 bet on the turn plus his call. he thinks and then finally folds and im relieved. and yes i showed it. what do u think he had? a king?

and the other day at Prime i went and found out after i got there theyre now offering FREE time between 10am and 6pm for omaha PLO only, and of course the game isnt going until the afternoon except an early morning holdem that starts 11am or later. but if the players would just show up at 10am, that would be a good deal. 

while at prime i got dealt A4h69s once the game switched to omaha. and the flop on a bomb pot is 872 on the bottom with 2 spades and 1 diamond, and AJ4 on top with 2 clubs. so ive got 2 pair on top and an open ender and a flush draw on the bottom, and on a bomb pot the most important thing is to be working on both boards, correct?

a short stack goes allin for $45. i bet pot which is about $120 or more. it folds around to a 45+ woman in a baseball cap who looks gay because shes got that annoying cap on, and it annoys me as much as when women wear their hair in a bun instead of long, in an attempt to push away men from finding them attractive. and she goes allin for a bit more and i have to call as much as i have committed. turns out shes probably a holdem player and only agreed to switch to omaha to get rid of having to pay time, because shes got a terrible omaha hand, KKQ3 for a gut shot draw only on top (no possible flush) and only KK on the bottom. (no flush draw). and i whiff the bottom both turn and river and on the top it comes runner runner QQ to give her trips. and then she claimed she had to commit because she had too many outs. KK is great for 2 board holdem, but not omaha. 

and then im at Kings and i get dealt AAJ2 with 3 hearts. and the worst and loosest player is on my immediate left. and he raises his straddle UTG every time. and hes losing a lot. so we all limp $6, and he pots it for $36. (there were 6 of us who stayed in). and for some very strange reason, they all fold, possible they feared me reraising since im known to do it to isolate. i probably shouldve but i hate acting first (why i hate the button straddle so much and wish the UTG straddle would always be mandatory to stop it). for years ive tried to get mandatory UTG straddle added to the game to create action, but without success. i felt i had way too much behind, because i was up a lot, and had over $500 more behind. 

so i only call. the flop comes 79Q no flush draw. not the best flop, i either needed a small pair to hit, or an ace or trips or hearts. but not the worst either since no flush draw or made straight or high pair. how worried should i be about this flop? if Bart Hanson is still reading this would be a way for him to show how well is his poker strategy. 

he bets $75 and i know hes going to no matter what, so i dont want to fold. im trying to figure out where i played the hand wrong. preflop, on the flop or the turn? i called.

turn comes 9 which i feel is a good card since it doesnt complete a straight, or pair the Q. i am first to act and bet $225 hoping he will fold. or at least give me credit. he thinks a long time, turns over a 9 and keeps asking if i have a boat and im worried he wont fold. then he goes allin and i cant call with my only out being an ace. its about $100 more to me and i know the pot is huge but thats not the right odds.

i did manage to get away stealing a pot with 64 offsuit. a guy makes it $15, one guy calls or 2, and i bet $90. only 1 person calls and its not the original raiser. Flop comes AQ5 and he checks, i bet $200 and he folds, i then show my hand and the dealer congratulates me for making moves and says im loosening up. 

i feel i play way too loose and i used to play too tight, but i take too many chances especially when tired or stuck. this is why id rather be where i can also play video BJ because its better to take a loose risk there to get even instead of at poker. at least on the vbj my chance of winning the hand is 49 percent or higher and in poker it might be much less if im playing bad. 

i cannot get my ID to scan for nothing with cashapp to buy bitcoin. especially the back side the front i think it might have finally took it. anyone else had experience with this? ive had the same issues with airbnb and coinbase and ive have never been able to get an ID to scan but id gladly pay for in person help. will ask Bill Potts if he ever returns. id even ask sickcall Mc Gee, i think hes done it. 

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