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Here we have a write up of some of the roulette games on offer from Powerplay, a casino formed in 2018 by Deck Entertainment N.V.

Many if not all these games will be found at the large majority of online casinos. The live games and software are licensed to the casino and the specific payouts and wager requirements will vary from site to site. It is important to read the terms and conditions and to speak to the live chat so that you can be clear on the odds that you will get.

Lightning Roulette

Perhaps the best and more popular variant, the lightning roulette is good because it offers enhanced odds on random numbers. It’s more exciting to play with the chance to hit a 500x multiplier than the standard 35x. The enhanced odds of the lightning numbers are balanced by a reduced payout for normal hits. A straight up will pay 29x if no bonus is applied.


Multifire Roulette

This is the same principle as lightning roulette that there are bonus numbers with enhanced payouts. The two main differences are that It is a piece of software and not a live game and that the amount of bonus numbers are 5 and not 3 such as in Lightening roulette.


European Roulette

This is classic roulette with one zero as opposed to two on an American roulette wheel. You should find standard odds applied such as 35x for a straight up. You can find many different live and software variants but the main idea is that you should be getting the classic odds.



Realistic Roulette

This game offers you a 3d virtual reality type roulette wheel where you can move around the layout. You can also switch between 2d and 3d mode. It’s an interesting little piece of software that’s fun to play around with. Classic European roulette odds will normally apply.



Auto Roulette

This game  fires the ball automatically at specified time intervals. If you were playing a software version you would have the choice to press spin whereas the auto roulette will just fire the ball whether you are ready or not. You will find both live versions and software versions.



Double Ball Roulette

Here as the name suggest you will have 2 balls per spin and the odds will generally be half, making a straight up hit approx 17x.



Immersive Roulette

The is basically classic European roulette with one 0 and standard odds. It is a live variant made by Evolution gaming that is based on proving a luxury HD live experience. The camera angle changes frequently to give a high quality player/user experience, hence you are being “immersed” in the game.



All of these variants and more are available at Power play casino, take a look for yourself at Power Play Roulette


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