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This week’s guest asked us not to use his name, but he’s got quite a resume. The octogenarian has served as an executive and a Board member for several major US corporations, and now that he’s finally retired, he’s a regular in the Foxwood Stud games. Join us for a series of poker, business, and life lessons from a remarkable man!


0:30 – Hello & Welcome
8:32 – Strategy
22:46 – Interview


The hand comes from a $400 buy-in WSOP circuit event at Foxwoods. We are nearly at the bubble. 56 players remain and 54 make the money. The blinds are $2,500 – $5,000 with a $5,000 big blind ante. I’m on the button with AK offsuit and about 130k in chips. It folds to the highjack who has about 700k chips. I don’t have any reads, but he is the biggest stack at the table. He raises to 20k. I fold.

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