Episode 270: Killingbird – Thinking Poker

Derek “Killingbird” Tenbusch is a co-founder and -owner of Tournament Poker Edge. He’s also a poker streamer and a beagle rescuer. We discuss all three, plus house hunting in Las Vegas and leaving Las Vegas.

Derek’s first appearance on the show was Episode 16. Follow him on Twitter!


0:30 Hello & Strategy
21:55 Killingbird


$0.02/$0.05 no-limit, $5 effective stacks. UTG raises to $0.16, Hero calls in MP with 22, BN calls.

($0.55) 3s 8c 2d. UTG bets $0.18, Hero calls, BN calls.

($1.09) Tc. UTG bets $0.80, Hero calls.

($2.69) Ks. UTG bets $1.39, Hero calls.

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