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Happy Thanksgiving!

As those of you who follow me on Twitter know, I’m currently in Big Bend National Park, which is one of the more remote parts of the continental United States. Not a whole lot of internets down here. I haven’t had the opportunity to gear up for this properly, but Giving Tuesday is approaching, and that means the kickoff for the annual Bay Area Urban Debate League year-end giving campaign.

This is a non-profit organization with which I’m deeply involved as a Board member, volunteer, and donor. Debating in high school and college changed my life, and in the 17 years that I’ve been involved with the urban debate movement, I’ve seen it change the lives of hundreds of kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. If you enjoy listening to me talk about poker on the Thinking Poker Podcast or in my strategy videos, well, debate is the reason I can think as critically and analyze things as clearly as I can. Please help me extend this opportunity to young people who stand to benefit tremendously from it.

Donate now!

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