Walter Tine Gets Stoned – Thinking Poker

In the latest installment of my poker serial, our hero finds himself in a Seven-Card Stud game, among other new experiences:

“First time?” Mike laughed good naturedly at his hesitation. “It’s already lit, just suck it a little, like a straw. There you go. Wait, wait, don’t blow it out yet.” Walter did his best to oblige, holding his breath as he removed the cigar from his mouth. The taste was surprisingly sweet, like citrus and pine, and a little peppery. He liked it.

After a few seconds, he coughed out a cloud of gray smoke. He tried to take a breath, but that triggered a further bout of coughing, and soon he was doubled over and sputtering. Smurf snatched the blunt from his hand as he cast about for something to drink.

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