Phil Galfond Runs It Once – Thinking Poker

Phil Galfond, who first appeared on Episode 229, returns to the show to discuss the launch of his real-money poker site Run It Once and how it differs from the traditional online poker experience. Follow Phil on Twitter for more updates!


0:30 Hello
3:55 Strategy
25:39 Phil Galfond


I am in BB with Kh5s and there are five limpers including villain on button who has me covered. Small blind folds. Effective stack is £210.

Flop comes Kd5d7h. Checks to Thomas on the button and he bets £10 (pot is £13). I raise to £27. Everyone else folds and he thinks for a little bit and then calls

Turn is a A of diamonds. Pot is now £67. I check he bets £41 and I call.

River is 2 of hearts.Pot is now £149 I check. He puts me all in.

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