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Luke Vrabel (@SlayAbides) began his career as bdbeatslayer, one of the top “female” MTT players online, eventually winning a bundle of cash and a Lamborghini in the 5th Anniversary PokerStars Sunday Million. Since Black Friday, though, he’s had a rocky transition into live poker. We discuss the arc of his career, his feuds with poker luminaries like Daniel Negreanu, Eric Lindgren, and Cliff Josephy, and how he copes with distraction and insecurity.

0:30 – Hello and Strategy
27:05 – Luke Vrabel


I’m in BB at 1/2K level (2k bb ante). Villain opens to 5200 at 1/2K. I have ~60-65K, he covers, but not by much. He is in CO. Folds to me, I raise to 15K, he calls.

Flop is A10Kr. I bet 15.2K. He calls.

Turn is J. No flush draws. I bet 17K, he goes all in.

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