Private Games with Phil Galfond – Thinking Poker

Phil Galfond, who previously appeared on Episode 229 and Episode 288, discusses delegating, the online poker economy, and the trend towards private and semi-private casino games. Follow Phil on Twitter and check out Run It Once.


0:30 Hello
3:03 Strategy
23:43 Phil Galfond


I’m in EP and raise to $12 with black aces. Villain calls from the cutoff with ~$140, as do the button, with a bigger stack than mine, and the BB, with ~$100. The pot is ~$45.

Flop comes 9s-7c-5s. Checks around.

Turn is a 3c. BB checks again. I bet $25. The villain calls pretty quickly and the button thinks a bit and also calls. The BB folds. Pot is $120. I have about $210 remaining.

River is a Qs. I check. The villain shoved all in for $102 and the button folded.

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