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Mason Malmuth, owner of Two Plus Two Publishing, joins Nate and Andrew to discuss the history of Two Plus Two, his new book The History of the World From a Gambler’s Perspective, and more.

In the strategy segment, Andrew discusses range construction in multiway pots.

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0:30 Strategy
28:14 Mason Malmuth


We are playing $0.10/0.25 on Ignition and I am sitting in the small blind with Qc 6c clubs and a 105BB stack. UTG+1 limps, MP raises to $0.50, HJ calls, the button calls, I call, BB and UTG1 call.

6 ways to a flop that comes Ts8c3c, with $3 in the pot. I check, BB leads out for a min bet of $0.25, the preflop raiser raises to $1.25. HJ folds, Button calls, I call, BB calls and UTG+1 folds.

4 ways to the turn with $8.25 in the pot, which comes the 2c. The BB bets $0.25, the preflop raiser raises to $2.25 leaving $9.67 behind,

3 ways to the river with a pot of $15 which is essentially a brick, the 5 of diamonds. I check and the BB once again leads with a min bet of $0.25 , then the preflop raiser shoves the remainder of his stack for a roughly 2/3 pot sized bet. I just call, the BB shoves, putting me all in for my remaining $12.53.

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