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Jacki Burkhart, mother, dental hygienist, and “serious recreational” poker player, joins Andrew to discuss her life, her career, and her attempts to keep a low profile while high rolling. In the strategy segment, the two review a hand Jacki played in a $2500 no-limit event.

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0:30 – Hello & Welcome
4:22 – Jacki Burkhart
33:33 – Strategy


This is a live $2,500 buy in tourney. We are in the middle levels, still a long ways from the money. I have about 160k (135bb) good for 2nd biggest stack at my table.

It folds to my CO and I have KhJd I make it 2,700 at 600/1,200/1,200 bb ante. Only the bb defends and this is also the only player at the table that covers me. He has about 150bb.

Pot contains 7,200. Flop is AcJs9s. He checks and I check back.

Turn is the 8d. Pot still contains 7,200 and he bets 2,000. I call

River is the Js. He tanks for longer than average and then leads 24,000 into the 11,200.

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