Episode 315: 2020 – Thinking Poker

Happy new year! Nate and Andrew are finally back on the mic to discuss why you never know how you’re running, when entire poker rooms go on collective tilt, and how to fold a set.


0:30 – Hello and Welcome
13:15 – Strategy


Bovada 25nl 6 max zone poker.

Hero UTG/Lojack: 119.16bb ($29.79)
Villain 1 Hijack: 214.84bb ($53.71)
Villain 2 BB: 73.48bb ($18.37)

Hero opens 7d7c to $.60 or 2.4bb.

Villain 1 3-bets to 7.6bb ($1.9). BB calls and Hero calls. Pot 23.2bb $5.80

Flop: 7h Kh 9c
-BB check, Hero Check, Hijack check

Turn: 10h
-BB leads 11.04bb ($2.76), Hero calls, hijack calls.
Pot (56.32bb) $14.08

River Ac
-BB all in for 54.84bb ($13.71). hero?

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