The Game Theory of Political Violence with Matt Glassman – Thinking Poker

Card player, political scientist, and fan favorite Matt Glassman returns to the show to discuss the assault on the US Capitol Building and the game theory of political violence: what drives it, why does it happen, and how do we create incentives that discourage it?


0:30 Hello and Welcome
5:04 Strategy
28:14 Matt Glassman


1/3, max buy in is 1k, no rake (time charge). Most common quote from dealers is “6 players to the flop.” Most playing cannot spell vpip; if they could, they would recognize theirs around 66%.

V1 is the nittiestnitnit at the table by far. Indeed, perhaps the *only* nit at the table. VPIP well under 15%. 
V2 is meaningless reg.
V1 has just under $700, we cover. 

V1 raises to $25 from co over a $6 straddle. We call OTB with 77, 1 other caller.

5h7h8d ($85). x / 60 / we call / V2 folds.

5h7h8dQh ($205). 90 / we call.

5h7h8dQh5c ($385). 150 / we shove

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