Take Two – Thinking Poker

Andrew , Nate & Carlos ,
Enjoy your podcasts and discussions ! I’m mainly cash game “juicy home games” player so my selfish interest is cash game discussions . The more I hear , read, and study…the more I realize I didn’t know so I can apply new ideas often .

My challenge today is how to navigate the NitCast store to see how much the subscription is for the Thinking Poker Daily program and to determine whether or not to sign up. I have the Coaching Carlos and Weekend Warrior program and listen to them often .

So, please let me know the price and how to subscribe to Thinking Poker Daily. I’m a senior citizen with limited tech skills , so , maybe I’m overlooking the option to purchase .
Thanks and keep up the great dialog among you guys and the poker tips .
Rick Day aka Raisy Daisy
“Play every hand …You can’t miss ‘em all”

เว็บ คาสิโน

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